Roxtone and Partners
“One step ahead of today”
is the concept be always with us in the past ten years.
User is our motivate power. Far-sighted, future ideas of R&D team , completely quality
control of production team and accurately customer service of sales team are our life.
If you are willing to be our partners on the way to the future.
Let’s get started, go further and stay ahead together.
Roxtone Partner Registration Guide
Roxtone’s Distributor Policy Principles
The principle of Roxtone’s distributor policy is “to cooperate on a win-win basis.”
Cooperation: Supply the best quality and the better price to maximize the value for our distributor partners by motivating distributor partners to explore the market and promote Roxtone's brand in the market.
Classification of Distributor Partners
Exclusive distributor: To be one exclusive distributor in target country(district). Only you have the lawful rights of business activities in the country(district) of agreement. Learn more after register
How to be our register partner
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